What Do Students Learn at the JOhn Jay Institute?

From its inception, the John Jay Institute’s academic program focuses on classical texts in the areas of theology, philosophy, politics, culture, and history. Our program is quite rigorous, with Fellows reading an average of 150 pages each night, followed by a three-hour seminar where the Fellows discuss and debate the texts. The goal of our academic program is multi-layered. We seek to ensure that our Fellows have a solid foundation in understanding the seminal texts, that they understand the arguments, and that they are prepared to engage others about these works. We also strive to strengthen and fortify the Fellows so that they can make strong, compelling and persuasive defense of their beliefs.  

The John Jay semester is divided into five, three-week thematic divisions. Our major themes are: Christian Worldview/Christian Engagement with culture; the Natural Law; Christianity and Politics from the Patristic Age through the Reformation; The American Founding and Constitution; and finally, Modern Political Theory and Christian Thought.  

This Fall, we have decided to offer a glimpse into the John Jay Institute’s academic program in a five-part series called Learning Together. Every three weeks, a new module will be posted below. Be sure to also read our Life Together series, published in the Summer of 2018.