What We Do

Our mission is to prepare principled leaders for faith-informed public service. We believe great leaders are out there. But they have to be made.

We seek out the best and brightest of tomorrow’s creators and writers, parents and teachers, lawmakers and pastors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. We provide them with the intellectual, spiritual, and professional training for transformational cultural leadership. And then we give them membership in a close-knit professional fraternity of alumni to facilitate their strategic placement, continued growth, and lasting impact on American culture.

Our Impact

Why We Do It

We are first and foremost about people. Not just the occasional lone voice for truth, but a whole network of people. Today’s world is full of financial corruption, family breakdown, educational failure, state sprawl, and dehumanizing cities and culture. And the best ideas in the world won’t solve any of these problems, unless the people working to make them a reality are marked by game-changing creativity, the wisdom of generations, and strong depth of character. Working together, such leaders have shaped civilizations. They can renew and rebuild our own.

Our Vision

How We Do It

Our core programs are post-graduate residential fellowships for young professionals and military officers early in their careers. We also organize executive seminars for established leaders; and conferences, lectures, and publications. All of it is designed to take exceptional people from America and all over the globe, form them to be the best influence they can be on culture, and aid them in taking their ideas effectively into the world.

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