What is necessary to sustain the American republic you are sworn to defend?

What are the moral and constitutional laws and principles that govern just warfare? What does the American tradition of leadership tell us distinguishes the great leader from the merely competent one?

In today’s world, these questions are no longer optional for military officers seeking to excel. Our troops find themselves in complicated international political and social situations, in a military (and a country) that is beginning to ask deep questions about what it should look like in the future. The officers who succeed not only in having successful careers but in making a positive difference in the world will be the ones whose knowledge, wisdom, and judgment go deeper than technical training can provide.

Named for the famous turning-point battle of the American Revolution, the Saratoga Fellows Program is an intensive intellectual, moral, and spiritual training program for any junior officer in the Armed Forces, designed to prepare them to be exceptional leaders in today’s military and civilian ranks.


Location: Philadelphia

America’s birthplace is our campus, and there is no better location in the world to study the ideas and traits that shape great societies. Many of our nation’s most famous battlefields are within a short drive, and weekly field studies allow fellows to engage the decisions made their by their predecessors. Our campus provides a tranquil spot in which to focus on study during the week.


Fellows learn with people who redefine “best.” Each class of Saratoga Fellows consists of active duty or reserve commissioned officers in the armed services. Men and women who have completed college with a high GPA, have strong abilities in oral and written communication, and have demonstrated leadership potential. They also share a strong commitment to the Christian faith.


Fellows read some of the great texts on wartime ethics, theology, history, politics, and law. They spend time in class discussion daily, critically engaging the ideas that shape great societies and their military leaders. They also spend extensive time in spiritual reflection and prayer. Saratoga Fellows learn to bring the same rigor to their character and leadership that they bring to their military duties.

Timeframe and Details

Saratoga Fellows spend a six-week intensive residency, tailored to be completed shortly after commissioning and prior to one’s first duty station. Like similar prestigious post-undergraduate programs, the Saratoga Fellows Program is merit based, tuition free, and offers a free housing benefit for the duration of the program.

The Saratoga Fellows Program is designed to leave fellows personally and professional invigorated—more skilled in making decisions, and more spiritually and mentally prepared to make good ones and provide the country with the kind of officers it needs.

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Calendar and deadlines

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The civic virtues — moral principle, self-abnegation, allegiance to truth, an ideal of service to nation and asuperintending faith — are no longer the reliable produce of ordinary education in America. A few brave voices are still heard: in summons to make good the loss. Among these the John Jay Institute offers the clearest and most unequivocal, the most eloquent and most principled. Such institutions, and they are a precious few, represent the Republic’s best hope for the revival and sustenance of civic leadership in the American Republic of the Twenty-First Century.
— Lt. General (Ret) Josiah Bunting III, Superintendent Emeritus of the Virginia Military Institute and President of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation