Brian Brown '07

Founder and CEO, Narrator

John Jay Fellow

Following his graduation from Princeton University and subsequent fellowship at the John Jay Institute, Brian Brown spent five years working in public policy in Washington, D.C. and philanthropy in Colorado, during which time he grew the desire (and knowledge) to help creatively rebuild American civil society.

In 2009, he founded Humane Pursuits, an online magazine dedicated to helping Millennials explore how to live the good life in modern communities. In 2011, he founded Narrator, a strategy firm that helps excellent nonprofit organizations become well-funded hubs for civic engagement. In addition to continuing to run both these operations, he writes regularly for numerous journals and magazines on subjects related to philanthropy and civil society, and is working with Anglican parishes and dioceses to build growth infrastructure for the future of the Church.

Brian also remains involved with the work of the John Jay Institute, both by assisting with communications strategy and by serving on the editorial board of the John Jay Institute Center for a Just Society’s flagship journal, The Statesman. Speaking of his time at the Institute, Brian said,

“It expanded my moral imagination. This has helped me think outside the narrow boxes of current partisan politics, allowing me to see past stereotypes and punditry and grasp larger issues. It has also helped me see clearly when strong opinions, cultural norms, or organizational traditions are in play, and have the respect to take a good look at things that are older than me before I dismiss them.”