Dan Ajamian '12

Academic Dean,
Colorado Early Colleges - Douglas County

John Jay Fellow

While studying political philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania with an emphasis on distributive justice, Dan Ajamian envisioned a prestigious Washington, D.C. career, defending the least advantaged. However, not long after he completed his fellowship at the John Jay Institute, Dan decided to leave his former dreams and return to his home town of Colorado Springs to invest his talents and experience for the good of his local community. Dan came to believe at the John Jay Institute that “communities, not distant, impersonal institutions, are best positioned to address fundamental societal problems. Local efforts are more powerful, effective, and humane than centralized, one-size-fits-all approaches that are unsuited for unique regional differences.”

Armed with this knowledge, he dove into local politics and soon became a deputy campaign manager for two local city council candidates. While still actively involved in local politics, Dan has also found another cause in his home town in which he is equipped to invest: local education initiatives. He helped found the Colorado Springs Charter Academy and now sits on the board. He is also the academic dean of the Colorado Early Colleges, a school system that allows high school students to enroll in college classes using the funds that would have been applied to their public school education.