Paul Dupont '12

Operations Manager, American Principles Project
Managing Editor, ThePulse2016

John Jay Fellow

Prior to his term in the John Jay Fellows Program, Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Humanities from Villanova University. After the Fellows Program, Paul served as an intern for Senator Patrick Toomey’s Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Office and also as an intern for the Heritage Foundation. Paul then became a research associate and eventually operations manager for the American Principles Project, an organization founded by Professor Robert George of Princeton University and focused on human dignity and how public policy can preserve it in America—particularly policies that defend and promote “human life, marriage, religious freedom, economic progress for working Americans, education in service of the comprehensive development of the person, and the legacy of immigrants in contributing to the American story.”

Not only did the John Jay Institute prepare Paul for his career, but it gave him the foundation to serve as a well-rounded leader in our nation’s capital.  Paul noted: “If not for my valuable John Jay experience, which helped me to further center my life around my faith and to think deeply about questions of vocation, I do not believe I would be as motivated as I am to continue this growth in faith and knowledge despite the increasing demands of work.”  Paul particularly values the John Jay Institute alumni community, and has found it helpful in his professional transition.  

As part of his role, Paul is currently managing editor of an online news journal, ThePulse2016, which tracks the Republican presidential primary and features daily commentary from some of the best minds in the conservative movement.