Jace Yarbrough

Active Duty Officer, U.S. Air Force

John Jay Fellow

Jace Yarbrough earned his B.A. in Government and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Jace had grown to young adulthood with the perception that the Christian faith is anti-intellectual. He gained a broader perspective in college, and was motivated to pursue public service. The John Jay Fellows Program equipped him for what would be quite a battle.

As he began work in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, he saw firsthand the ugliness of contemporary politics. “Before my fellows program, that viciousness would have driven me away, but now I have a context from which I can not only endure, but even work within that ugliness. The John Jay Institute introduced me to the social and religious context that preceded and formed our culture and gave me exemplars of virtue on which to model myself.”

Jace pursued his commitment to public service into the military, where he currently serves as a flight commander with the Unites States Air Force Honor Guard in Washington D.C. After his term of service, he will pursue legal studies at Stanford University Law School, and then return to his home state of Texas.