Jacob Stubbs

M.A.R. Candidate, Yale Divinity School

John Jay Fellow

After completing his academic residency, Jacob went on to an externship at the Georgia Center for Opportunity and served as a legislative intern.  Jacob was a research assistant at Berry College and President of Student Government. He was also a Young Scholar at the Hong Kierkegaard Library.

Jacob values his time at the John Jay Institute because it allowed him to better discern his life calling. In Jacob’s case, the experience led him from a political action mindset to a ministry mindset. Discerning a previously unexplored calling was facilitated by the “regular and disciplined practice of Christian spirituality every day through the Daily Offices and the academics.” He noted that “in addition to helping clarify a call to the ministry, this experience helped deepen my Christianity and helped save my faith from a lack of discipline and laziness.”

Going forward, Jacob plans to “matriculate and complete an M.A.R. concentrating in Philosophy of Religion/Philosophical Theology at Yale Divinity School, seek ordination in the Anglican Church, complete a Ph.D. in Political Theory or Theology, and serve as a parish priest and theologian.”  His mission: “helping educate others in the private and public implications of orthodox Christian faith as shaped by tradition.” While the church in America is losing membership, Jacob should find plenty of people to help in the upcoming generation, and he will be well equipped to lead them in the right direction.