Changing the world starts here.

Where is the next generation of John Jays? Michelangelos? Mother Teresas? Where are the entrepreneurs, statesmen, artists, and public servants whose stalwart character and exceptional leadership will leave an indelible mark on countless lives?

They are (or have been) in the John Jay Fellows Program. The best and brightest of tomorrow’s culture-shapers come here. They come to develop a vision for flourishing human societies, and the intellectual, spiritual, and professional training to make them effective leaders who can help others realize that vision. And they leave as members of a professional fraternity of alumni that facilitates their strategic placement, continued growth, and lasting impact on American culture.

How it Works

Semester 1: Formation

Location: Philadelphia

America’s birthplace is our campus, and there is no better location in the world to study the ideas and traits that shape great societies. From the beginning, fellows are immersed in one of the great political and cultural centers in world history. Our campus provides a tranquil spot in which to focus on personal development during the week.

Character Formation

Fellows live in intentional community on our beautiful and historic campus. They eat together, discuss ideas together, and forge the kind of friendships that last a lifetime. They begin and end each day in the prayers of the historic Christian faith, and grapple with the faith-forming ideas that will serve them well throughout their lives. See a typical week.


The best ideas of history are the field in which John Jay Fellows labor. Fellows grapple with the great cultural and spiritual works of the past and the present; engaging theology, philosophy, politics, art, and culture. They spend hours each day in Socratic dialogue with each other, refining their own conclusions through debate and discussion. What do fellows read?

Leadership Mentoring

Fellows visit historic sites in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, and relive the leadership decisions that made them famous. They also have the opportunity to engage the decision-makers of the present, meeting with some of the most influential and innovative leaders in politics, the church, the nonprofit sector, and the arts.


Semester 2: Career Launch


Following their residency in Philadelphia, fellows scatter across the globe, participating in a semester-long externship that is personally tailored to their vocational interests. Placements include many of the most coveted governmental, nongovernmental, cultural, and academic institutions in the world. See some examples.


Upon successful completion of the program, fellows receive a lifelong membership in a professional fraternity that includes graduate school and job placement assistance, mentoring, career coaching, networking and continuing education opportunities—providing the foundation for a lifetime of service. See what our alumni are doing.


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