Kevin Wilkinson

Spring 2019 John Jay Fellow

Hometown: Williamston, MI
College: Hillsdale College
Degree: B.A. History

Kevin Wilkinson is 2018 graduate of Hillsdale College where he earned a degree in History. The question of what motivates human beings and sparked his interest in history and political theory. While military history holds a special attraction for him, he is specifically interested in Ancient Greek political philosophy, modern Anglo-American relations, and the founding of the American Republic.

Kevin is excited for the opportunity to grow and learn within a Christian community at the John Jay Fellowship and for the chance to cultivate his faith. He is looking forward to reading thought provoking books and engaging in deep discussions with his fellow classmates. His hope is to better reflect Christ’s love and promote the truth. In the future, Kevin hopes to attend graduate school and would like to contribute to the public discourse and influence culture by telling stories.      

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