Kurt Caminske

2018 Saratoga Fellow

A native of Long Island, NY, ENS Kurt Caminske graduated from the US Coast Guard Academy with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. During his time at the Academy he found his faith and came back to the Catholic Church.

While at the Academy, ENS Caminske had the incredible honor of serving as the Regimental Commander. He loved the work because it afforded him the opportunity to have a positive impact on fellow cadets and on the USCGA itself. This experience taught him a multitude of lessons, but the main lesson was the need for God’s grace in all that he did.

While at the John Jay Institute, ENS Caminske hopes to improve his leadership skills to better serve those he leads and those he will work alongside. Additionally, and most importantly, ENS Caminske is eagerly optimistic to learn skills which will allow him to incorporate his faith into a positive and productive leadership philosophy. After the program concludes he will be reporting aboard the USCGC JAMES in Charleston, SC. He is excited to put lessons learned at John Jay to the test while serving in the fleet.

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