Found! A Permanent Home

Situated just two blocks outside of Philadelphia's northern city limits and within the close-in suburb of Elkins Park is a stately Tudor revival-style mansion that is just perfect for the John Jay Institute and its fellows. 

The mansion's Tudor revival-style reflects the old-world English charm of the Elizabethan Age and its religious and cultural influence on America including, the Book of Common Prayer, the works of William Shakespeare, and the adventures of Sir Walter Raleigh in the New World. Its stone and half-timber construction, steep roof lines, and gabled windows, as well as, its interior decorative beamed ceilings, arched doorways, and detailed wood paneling and stained glass enliven the moral and historical imagination while reflecting a by-gone building era of American craftsmanship and artistry. Surrounded by 2.25 acres of grounds and gardens, the landscaping boasts mature plantings and tall trees to accentuate the storybook nobility of the place. The mansion is supported by a quaint carriage house of 1,900 square feet and a parking area that can accommodate 40 cars.

One can easily envisage this beautiful setting for the John Jay Institute and its future fellows, alumni, and special guests. The property is the certainly the right kind of place for forming leaders of Jay's character, knowledge, and prudence.

Imagine this property dedicated 24-7 to the task of inspiring remarkable emerging leaders with the intellectual, spiritual, and professional training for transformational cultural leadership.