Gala Snapshot: Great Men and Women in Clusters

The John Jay Institute has always been built on the belief that great men and women can appear in clusters—clusters that include you. As Brian Brown ’07 shared in his testimonial at the gala:

“All my work since the John Jay Institute has had this unifying thread within it: not just the isolated better leader, or a well-read individual, but the network of exceptional, empowered people rebuilding the institutions and culture that are the heart of a thriving civilization. In all of the organizations I’ve built since my time at the Institute, it was the Institute that laid the groundwork for the vision. John Jay Institute alumni were generally the first people I called to help make them a reality. Because the people I met in college, and in some of the best religious or conservative organizations, were good people; many of them are doing well, participating in the right conversations. But it is John Jay Institute people I go to when I want to change the conversation. And 10 years in, we are just getting started.”

We are first and foremost about people. The best ideas in the world won’t solve any of the problems that face our culture, unless the people working to make them a reality are marked by game-changing creativity, the wisdom of generations, and strong depth of character.

Working together, such leaders have shaped civilizations. They can renew and rebuild our own. They are doing it.

Join us and help us prepare for our biggest year yet, as we move into a permanent home.