Passing on the Faith to the Next Generation

"A millennial entrepreneur has launched a book company for the express purpose of teaching the Bible and core tenets of Christianity to babies and toddlers.

"Danielle Hitchen, a work-at-home mom of two living in the Washington D.C. metro area, was frustrated with the lack of resources aimed at teaching the theological basics of the Christian faith to babies and toddlers so she decided to develop her own. To that end, Hitchen founded Catechesis Books in February, and is set to launch a series of books to catechize the next generation. The first one to be produced is titled Bible Basics: A Baby Believer Counting Primer and is scheduled for release in early December." (from an article in The Christian Post)

Danielle (the wife of Nathan Hitchen '07) explains: "Catechesis Books is a publishing company committed to producing materials to nurture the blossoming soul. For hundreds of years, Christians have practiced catechesis - a tradition of educating believers in the basic tenets of their faith – through prayer and study of scripture, through a formal catechism, and through liturgy and worship. By these practices, the essential truths of the gospel take root in the hearts and minds of believers of all ages, allowing their souls to blossom into an ever more Christ-like image."

The initial Kickstarter campaign to print the first book, Bible Basics: A Baby Believer Counting Primer, raised over $35,000 from 700 backers and garnered significant media coverage, including an interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review.

Learn more about Catechesis Books and order the primer here.