Why Isaac Woodward's favorite president is Calvin Coolidge

Rutgers recently profiled John Jay Institute alumnus Isaac Woodward, who is working in legislative politics.

After finishing the John Jay Institute, Isaac and his wife, Katelyn Brantley, the high school sweetheart he married after graduation, both were hired by the American Enterprise Institute. Woodward left AEI in September 2015 to join the campaign of Chuong Nguyen, a Republican running for the Virginia House of Delegates. Before the election (which Nguyen narrowly lost to Democrat John Bell), Woodward took his current job in a Wisconsin Congressional office.

“Calvin Coolidge's example is so important because it is so rare,” Woodward said. “People often look to war-time presidents like Lincoln or FDR, who led the nation through dangerous times. While there is much to admire in their records, a far harder task was undertaken by Coolidge, who rather than make the popular decision to get the federal government involved, held back when he was constitutionally prevented from further action. He saw that if the rule of law and the system of checks and balances is to stand, then we must obey it even when it is unpopular and unglamorous.”

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