Douglas C. Minson

Senior Fellow for Culture and Education

Douglas C. Minson serves as Senior Fellow for Culture and Education at the John Jay Institute where he helps direct curriculum development and the Institute’s executive seminar programs. Mr. Minson is headmaster at Veritas Preparatory Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Minson’s professional experience includes positions in para-academic educational program administration and college-level teaching, editing of a public policy journal, and writing for public discourse. Prior to joining the John Jay Institute as Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Programs in 2012, he worked nearly four years as executive director of academic affairs at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, overseeing and directing national core educational programming and ISI’s student journalism initiative. Mr. Minson has worked closely with the Institute’s founder Alan Crippen for a number of years both at the John Jay Institute and as the associate rector of the Witherspoon Fellowship at the Family Research Council. He also held editorial management and research positions at Prison Fellowship Ministries, working with and writing for ministry chairman Charles W. Colson. His abiding vocational passion is communicating and cultivating in students an appreciation for the perennial ideas that animate and sustain the cultural, intellectual, moral, and political traditions of Western Civilization. Mr. Minson is an alumnus of the College of William and Mary in the Commonwealth of Virginia and received his M.A. and doctoral studies in Philosophy at the Catholic University of America. He and his wife Jennifer make their home with their four children in Scottsdale, Arizona.