Todd J. Williams, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board

President, Cairn University
Langhorne Manor, Pennsylvania

Todd J. Williams is president of Cairn University in Langhorne Manor, Pennsylvania. He has extensive leadership experience in secondary and post-secondary education. Previously Dr. Williams served as headmaster and chief executive officer of Trinity Christian School of Fairfax in northern Virginia. He holds degrees from Cairn University (B.S.) and Temple University (M.Ed. and Ph.D.). With an array of professional experience as a professor, lecturer, administrator, chief executive officer, and educational and organizational consultant, Dr. Williams serves churches, schools, and colleges as a visiting teacher and speaker on subjects ranging from biblical and Christian studies to cultural, organizational, and professional issues. His involvement with the Witherspoon Fellowship in Washington, D.C. as its Visiting Lecturer for Spiritual Formation in 2004 has contributed substantially to his interest in and commitment to the John Jay Institute’s vision and mission to prepare Christians for principled public leadership. Dr. Williams and his wife, Dawn, have two adult children, are avid outdoor enthusiasts, and worship at Stone Hill Church in Princeton, New Jersey.