Andrew CHo

2017 Saratoga Fellow

Youngsung Andrew Cho, Ensign, United States Navy

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

College: United States Naval Academy

Degree:  B.S. Aerospace Engineering

Andrew graduated from the United States Naval Academy in May 2017 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering (Astro track) and received a commission in the United States Navy.

He served as the Platoon Commander during his final year and as an Operations Officer during Plebe Summer to train the new incoming class of 2020. He was also a member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and a member of the Dean’s and Superintendent’s List throughout his academic career. Andrew had the opportunity to summer intern at NASA Goddard and to study abroad for a semester in Singapore. Throughout this academy career, Andrew had the opportunity to travel to 10 different countries, broadening his view of the world.

Andrew has kept his faith very close to his heart and life. He started the 21st Company Bible Study in his junior year and founded the club Dare to Ask to discuss questions that students brought about their faith and worldview. Andrew hopes that his time at Saratoga will deepen his understanding of the intersection of faith and service. He hopes to strengthen his Christian worldview in order to further his abilities as a leader and disciple-maker. Upon completion of the Saratoga Fellows Program, Andrew will report to Pensacola, Florida to begin flight school as a Navy Pilot.

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