Jacob Schwanz

2017 Saratoga Fellow

Jacob Schwanz, 2nd Lieutenant, United States Army

Hometown:  Forest Lake, Minnesota

College: Saint John’s University, College of Saint Benedict

Degree: B.A. Biology

A 2017 Distinguished Military Graduate of Saint John’s University, College of Saint Benedict, Jacob earned a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies.  While at Saint John’s, he was a Civil Affairs Delegate to the Conference of Parties (COP21) during the United Nations Foundation Convention on Climate Change.  Jacob received the Superior Cadet Decoration award every year at St. John’s and was selected to attend the George C. Marshall Awards and Leadership Seminar in 2017.  Within his Army ROTC program, the Fighting Saints Battalion, he served as Cadet Battalion Commander and as captain of the Ranger Challenge Team.  

He chose to attend the Saratoga Fellowship in order to further his own understanding of his vocation Christ has called him to.   In August, Jacob will report to San Antonio, Texas for Basic Officer Leadership Course and to prepare for a career as a Health Administrations Officer through the Army Medical Service Corps.   Upon completion of his training programs, he will be stationed in Germany.

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