2016 Saratoga Fellow

Micaela Crabtree, Ensign, United States Coast Guard

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

College: United States Coast Guard Academy

Degree:  B.S. Mechanical Engineering

A 2016 honors graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Micaela maintained status on the Dean’s List all of her academy career.  She earned a Coast Guard Commandant’s Award for her service to the USCGA Color Guard and earned recognition on the Commandant’s Cadet List for Superior Military Performance.  Micaela is no stranger to military mobility as her father also served in the US Navy, inspiring Micaela to pursue her own career in the Coast Guard.

Micaela hopes her time as a Saratoga Fellow will intellectually challenge her understanding of current national issues and will further develop her leadership skills to better serve as a Coast Guard officer.  She has a deep passion to be involved in the fight against human trafficking in the U.S. and overseas and would like her career to have meaningful influence in this arena either while serving in the military or holding public office.  Upon completion of the Saratoga Fellows Program, Micaela will report to the USCGC TAMPA in Portsmouth, Virginia where she aspires to begin her career in law enforcement.


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