Nathan Beacom

2017 John Jay Fellow

Hometown:     Des Moines, Iowa

College:           University of St. Thomas

Degree:            B.A. Philosophy,  B.A. Catholic Studies

Nathan Beacom graduated with honors from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota with degrees in philosophy and Catholic Studies.  During his time at the University of St. Thomas, he was awarded a grant to study the ways in which urban architecture can facilitate the flourishing of those who live with it; he served as the president of his university's environmental conservation organization, wrote for student publications, and presented at academic conferences in the area of philosophical anthropology.

As a writer and researcher, Nathan is especially interested in finding ways in which liberal, humane learning can help prepare self-governing societies to be free, just, and good, and prepare individuals better to pursue a flourishing human life.  He looks forward to the knowledge and experience he will gain and the relationships he will form as a John Jay Fellow, which will be instrumental to his goal of making integral intellectual formation available to a broader set of people.


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