Rebecca Richards

Fall 2018 John Jay Fellow

Rebecca Richards.jpg

Hometown: East Winthrop, ME
College: Baylor University
Degree: B.A. University Scholars

Rebecca Richards graduated from Baylor University in May of 2018 with a University Scholars degree, concentrating in philosophy and the interdisciplinary honors program. As part of the degree, she wrote and defended a senior thesis comparing socialist, liberal and libertarian theories of justice through eight theorists. Becca spent her junior year studying philosophy at Oxford University and traveling around Europe.

Becca’s academic interests are in political philosophy, literature, and sociology. Her interest in international relations developed from living in the United Kingdom and the BIC, which focused on understanding cultures form an interdisciplinary and global. Within her studies, Becca attempts to find unexpected common ground between ideas on which to build a compassionate and constructive dialogue. Outside of school, Becca can be found reading Agatha Christie, playing the piano or plotting her return to Europe.

She hopes to pursue graduate degrees in policy analysis and international relations in order to act on her interests in the protection of human rights and democratic values globally and in the United States. Becca looks forward to the John Jay Fellowship as an opportunity to develop her intellectual and leadership skills. 

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