Timothy Russell

Fall 2018 John Jay Fellow

Hometown: Saint Charles, IL
College: Northeast Catholic College
Degree: B.A. Philosophy

Born and raised in the outer rim of the Chicago suburbs, Timothy Russell has spent the majority of his life reading books, watching movies, and thinking thoughts. This deeply-rooted passion for story has led him to aspire to a career in storytelling, through the writing and/or producing of novels, plays, films, and television. He is devoted to the pursuit of everything good, true, and beautiful, convinced that in such things we can see the outlines of the world to come and build a culture oriented towards that world.

Timothy grew up in a large, homeschooling family and was blessed to receive a full-tuition Presidential Scholarship for Northeast Catholic College in New Hampshire, from which he graduated with Honors in the spring of 2017. In college, he always kept an eye towards weaving philosophical themes and methods into his creative writing. His collegiate career was augmented by conferences and seminars put on by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the Liberty Fund, the Abigail Adams Institute, and the Witherspoon Institute, all of which have been instrumental in deepening his appreciation for the liberal arts as a source of cultural renewal.

Since spreading the good news of Christ’s love is an indispensable aspect of cultural renewal, Timothy has spent the year following his graduation working in the customer service department of 5 Stones, a non-profit which provides Catholic organizations with various support services. Among the clients they service are the Augustine Institute, Ignatius Press, Kolbe Academy Homeschool, and Magnificat. Inspired to see the headway these faith-driven organizations are making against a culture so hostile to the Christian Faith, Timothy has high hopes that a genuine cultural renewal is possible, by the grace of God.

Timothy looks forward to the studies, leadership formation, and cultural education that will accompany the John Jay Fellowship. He is eager to become a spearhead for cultural renewal in America and the world, and is confident that this Fellowship is the perfect step towards that goal.

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