Jared eckert

2017 John Jay Fellow

Hometown:     Jonesville, Michigan

College:           Hillsdale College

Degree:            B.A. Philosophy

Jared Eckert, a native Michigander, is a 2017 graduate of Hillsdale College receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy.  Jared's desire to better understand what constitutes virtuous action and the good life for man fueled his decision to study philosophy.  While his studies have been more broadly based in the Western Philosophical Tradition, Jared’s specific interests are Natural Law, ethics, metaphysics, the nature of human personhood, the Libertarian-Conservative debate, and the intersection of ethics and economics.

Selected to attend the Yale University Elm Institute Seminar on Markets and Morals, Jared focused his capstone philosophy thesis on exploring the libertarian idea of self-ownership, specifically its problems and implications, and he was a presenter at an undergraduate philosophy conference.

Jared is most excited about the opportunity his time at the John Jay Institute will give him to deepen his knowledge of what is true and good and to explore these ideas in the community of fellow Christians.  He looks forward to becoming better equipped to love others with Christ's love and to bring truth to a culture that is so often caught up in the throes of confusion.  Jared desires to attend graduate school and then to contribute to the public discourse on important issues and ethical concerns. 

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