Jude Schwalbach

2017 John Jay Fellow

Hometown:     Versailles, Kentucky

College:           Thomas Aquinas College                                                                                                 Hillsdale College

Degree:            B.A. Philosophy and Theology; M.A. Politics

Jude Schwalbach is a 2013 graduate of Thomas Aquinas College (TAC) earning a degree in Philosophy and Theology.  The great books program of TAC requires all students to follow the same curriculum and consider the authors of the great books as their primary teachers.  Jude also recently continued his studies at Hillsdale College completing an M.A. in Politics in the spring of 2015.

After graduation from TAC, Jude served as a research assistant at the Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship in Washington, D.C.   His education in the liberal arts inspired him with a joy for learning and truth, which he desires to share with others, and prompted him to spend the last two years teaching government, economics, and western civilizations at the Arizona charter school, Benjamin Franklin High School. 

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