Anna Jeffrey

2016 John Jay Fellow

In the spring of 2014 Anna Jeffrey graduated from the University of St Andrews with an MA (Hons) degree in Art History & English Literature.  Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area her interest in Art and Culture was sparked at a young age with easy access to some of the nation’s finest museums and galleries. A deep desire to travel and her love for history led her to St Andrews, where she was grateful for the opportunity to delve into the study of humanities in the British education system. While there, Anna worked at the Museum of St Andrews, was involved in several charity endeavors, and used her location to travel the continent.

A brief stint in fundraising back in Washington helped her to realize her desire to further her studies and work within the arts and humanities field. Anna is excited and grateful for the opportunity to enhance her knowledge of America’s rich history and learn more of public policy. She looks forward to her time at the John Jay Institute and hopes to use her experience there as a means of development into a strong Christian leader in art and education, recognizing the importance of beauty in evangelization and the necessity of the development of the moral imagination.

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