Nick Barden

2016 John Jay Fellow

Nick Barden graduated from Patrick Henry College in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Liberal Arts. During his time as a student, he served as chair of the PHC Literary Colloquium, founder of the Socratic Club, and chief editor of The Red Hill Review and Arche, experiences that cultivated his passion for letters and classical education. During his time at Generation Joshua, he taught summer classes for high school students on conservative political theory, as well as a unit study on C.S. Lewis's The Abolition of Man. He most recently worked as Education Coordinator for Heritage Action, where he coordinated grassroots advocacy for education reform, life, fiscal responsibility, and a host of other conservative policies.

His focus has been on the unity of the humane disciplines, and his research interests include philosophy of rebellion, imaginative apologetics, and Christian humanism. He has a particular interest in education and spiritual formation, especially relating to the holistic formation of students for active and thoughtful citizenship. In the future, Nick hopes to help defend and nurture the budding classical Christian education movement, whether in political advocacy or higher education.

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