Kyle Johnson

2016 John Jay Fellow

Kyle Johnson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in an environment that encouraged intellectual exploration and creative development. Between a mother who is a teacher and administrator and a father who placed an emphasis on awareness of world events and different perspectives, Kyle developed a keen interest in history and the development of world politics.

Kyle attended Emory University from 2011 to 2015, majoring in International Relations and History. In college, Kyle began to explore the subjects of sectarian conflict and political philosophy and policy, working with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, The Carter Center, and the Georgia Republican Party. He carried out research into the ideological development of different strains of Irish nationalism as well the diplomatic history of the Arab­Israeli Conflict.  

While attending the John Jay Institute, Kyle hopes to strengthen the Christian foundation of his interests in international politics and conflict resolution, a foundation which will continue to shape his work in peacebuilding and foreign policy in the future.

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