Ashley Bergfield

2016 John Jay Fellow

From a small town-farm girl to the gates of Jerusalem, Ashley Bergfield’s exposure to various faces and places has incited a passion for service with a professional desire to work in Middle Eastern affairs as a human rights activist. Ashley graduated magna cum laude from Baylor University’s Honors Program, was named to the Phi Beta Kappa society and was recognized as the “Richard D. Hugh Distinguished Student in Political Science” having been nominated by faculty for academic merit and engaged, driven scholarship.

Instilled with a desire to serve, study, and spiritually mature, Ashley sought an authentic academic experience where she could apply classroom instruction to real-world cultural discovery. Traveling further than most, she completed her M.A. degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

A wise college professor once challenged Ashley to lead, serve and recognize that “ethical action is strongest when taken for those unlike ourselves.” To continue a career of service, Ashley plans to pursue a Juris Doctorate upon completing her academic residency and internship at The John Jay Institute, with the expectation that an intrinsic understanding of law will allow her to apply both her heart and mind to the advancement of others.

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