Jared Dobbs

2016 John Jay Fellow

Jared grew up in a joyful conservative evangelical household. He was brought up in the faith in the same church where his dad worked as an associate pastor for many years. At a young age, he came to a realization of his spiritual neediness, especially his need for Christ’s forgiveness. The intersection of Christian faith, liberty, and the common good fascinate him. He is especially dedicated to upholding conjugal marriage and religious liberty amidst the new sexual regime.

In 2014, he interned at The Heritage Foundation. There, he assisted youth outreach efforts for their Young Leaders Program. In December 2013, he graduated magna cum laude from Biola University, where he majored in both political science and music. He has volunteered his piano skills in several community venues, including churches, schools, and care facilities. He is grateful to God for this new adventure in Philadelphia with the John Jay Institute. Further up and further in!


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