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What does cultural transformation look like in business?

Work in the business sector lacks the cultural panache of a job in entertainment, medicine, or law, and yet this work is foundational for our society. Business often flies under the radar, avoiding the moral analysis always present in politics and entertainment. Yet upstanding leaders are needed in business more than ever.

This month we will speak with some of those inspiring leaders. First, meet alum and tech entrepreneur David Warren, who is helping reinvigorate the narrative of cultural transformation in the world of software and business technology. Then listen in on a discussion among several alumni on the nature and purpose of business and wealth, and the role both have to play in nurturing a good society. Meet a recent alum who left the Air Force to pursue a career in business, and read about how the modern American conception of hard work needs to change. This and more below.

Then delve deeper...


Four alumni working in business discuss the barriers to entrepreneurship, and the role of wealth in a thriving society.

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RECENT Fellow Profile:

Jeffrey Witt '09

From Harvard to fighter pilot and now to the business world. We catch up with rising star Jeffrey Witt.

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Zachary Gappa: how to achieve great things and a work-life balance in a changing workplace environment.


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