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an inside look at how one political party is racing to get ahead of fast-moving demographic changes.

This election cycle has been fascinating, with surprising candidates, rapidly-shifting rhetoric, attempts to redefine our two major parties, and (perhaps too many) debates. The ideals of our nation’s founding, Christian principles of living, and the definition of what it means to be a conservative all appear up for grabs. Major shifts in the American electorate have prompted concerned conversation about the future, not of only our political parties, but of the health of our republic.

In this month’s Impact Snapshot, you’ll get an inside look at how one political party is racing to get ahead of the fast-moving changes, with John Jay Institute alumna Lara Barger '11. Lara has been working in the weeds of data-driven electoral politics for the past two years as one of the architects of the digital campaign strategy for the entire Republican party. Read on to see what her day-to-day looks like, and get a better handle on what the next few months hold in store for American self-government.

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