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the John Jay Institute alumni network is redefining the term "culture of life."

Creating a culture of life requires a full view of what it means to be pro-life. Not only must the pro-life advocate oppose abortion - they must also celebrate, cherish, support, and uphold life at every stage. Critics often claim that the pro-life movement abandons women and children after birth. This is far from the truth, as we’ll see this month in talking to a host of John Jay alumni working to create and support a pro-life culture.

We will sit down with Kristina Twitty, longtime vice president of operations for Georgia Life Alliance and founder of Lobbyists for Life, and discuss with her what the day to day of the pro-life movement looks like in 2017. We’ll also hear from John Jay alumni working in other culture-of-life spaces, including caring for young mothers during and after pregnancy, considering the potential problems with surrogacy, and figuring out what exactly it looks like to die with dignity.

Kristina Twitty '97

Kristina Twitty '97

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The pro-life movement isn’t just about the ethics of saving babies – but also about how we create them.

More: Five bioethical issues that have the potential to explode into controversy.

bioethics in 2017


Parenting, in and of itself, is a difficult undertaking. In poverty, the challenges can be magnified. 

How to find dignity in death. Even when our autonomy is lost, all people can still undergo suffering and death with a noble and dignified serenity.


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