A look at the current situation in the places the Founding Fathers saw as key to preserving freedom in America.

While America news culture is often fixated on national politics, our country was formed with the conviction that state governments were key to preserving freedom in America. These smaller governments keep the power of the federal government in check by shouldering many of the day-to-day responsibilities of governing. Robust state-level policy reduces the need for national intervention, and helps the local people to take responsibility for managing their own affairs. State governments provide space for the unique traditions of the people of each state to thrive, allowing for a diversity of cultures to continue within our united nation. This combination of governments was the vision our country’s founding fathers had for America.

In our May feature, we will talk to several John Jay alumni who are working to uphold that original vision by ensuring strong, competent state governments. We will talk to Eric Roe, state representative in Pennsylvania about the opportunities, challenges, and day-to-day life of legislating on the state level. We will hear from Sara and Jerod Patterson on how they have worked in state and local campaigns to help strong leaders get elected. Finally we’ll chat with some alumni working to help make state government better from the outside-in through nonprofits and advisory agencies, advocating for principled leadership, rule of law, and wise governance.

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Why this Millennial ran for (and won) a seat in the Pennsylvania legislature.


Three leaders in state politics talk about the dynamics in today's American legislatures.

Jerod and Sara Patterson run a Texas-based political consulting firm, and are winners of over 20 national awards including 2016's Most Valuable Consultants for their undefeated record. 


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