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A network of attorneys, scholars, and aspiring judges who understand the constitution and value law and justice.

It's no wonder that many of America's Founding Fathers practiced law - they understood that a sound judicial system is the cornerstone of a free society. These past several decades have seen rapid growth in the size and power of government, and in this atmosphere a robust judicial system is more vital than ever. Our daily news media are often preoccupied with the actions of legislatures and executives, preferring to allow the slow-moving court system to drop below the radar, but some of the most weighty governmental decisions in recent years have been made in the courts. Just as in the Founding era, Law plays an essential role in sustaining our country today, and the key to preserving justice is the people working within the legal system every day. These are the people we will be chatting with in March.

This month we will speak to some inspiring alumni working within the legal system to preserve justice in our nation. We will sit down with Danielle Huntley to chat about her experience as an immigration attorney in Boston and launching her own practice. We will listen in on a discussion between John Jay alumni about how their experiences at the Institute led them to pursue Law. We will hear an attorney’s perspective on the current debate over immigration policy. And we will consider what a proper legal system should look like and what it does to support a just society.

Danielle Huntley '05

Danielle Huntley '05

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A former criminal appeals lawyer tells the story of how he came to help incarcerated women transition back into society.


Three alumni share their motivations, experiences, and vision in pursuing the law as a vocation.


Lawyers should shun oversimplified stories and immerse themselves in the complicated history of our country's laws with respect to religious freedom.


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