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alumni share their hope for the future of the church in america

In 21st century America, the church no longer has the cultural support it once enjoyed. The younger generations face a landscape where secularism is the assumed default and committed Christianity is viewed with suspicion at best and malice at worst. Unsurprisingly, Church membership and religious affiliation are dwindling, particularly among millennials. Serious faith is an increasingly niche practice. In today's world, the church needs a new generation of committed, wise, and faithful leaders.

In this month's feature, we will interview John Jay Institute alumni who represent a generation working to provide the Church with the kind of leadership such times demand. We will talk to those who are ordained or seeking ordination, as well as people who are employed in other fields that allow them to be a broader influence on the Church. We will hear from them about their hope for the future of the Church in America, and what they are excited to do to preserve, protect, and encourage the faith and their fellow believers.

Then delve deeper...


How is the church to relate to a culture where the idea of Christian moral conviction is dismissed as unloving or bigoted? Several alumni weigh in.

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Danielle Hitchen, wife of Nathan Hitchen '07, has launched Catechesis Books to provide resources to teaching the faith to small children.

Anna Smith '08: It's not our job to convince everyone we're right. We have the much better (and harder) job of loving as we have been loved.


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